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If you are interested in Military Krav Maga please contact us with your specific needs and requirements by clicking here.

Our Law Enforcement training programs can be adapted and modified so as to best meet the needs of the individuals that we are teaching/training, whether it is a gang or drugs unit/agency, or new recruits being introduced to defensive tactics for the first time. All our solutions are simple, direct, proven and effective – our goal is not to teach an entire Krav Maga syllabus, but equip officers and agents, with simple techniques and solutions, for dealing with the types of threats and attacks they are likely to face. Our emphasis is on preventing and/or disrupting an attack, before a level of control can be exerted, and the aggressor/criminal moved to a compliance position, where they can be handcuffed etc. We are also able to teach the use of improvised constraints, that may be initially quicker to apply than standard handcuffs.

We teach using a mix of scenarios and training drills, so that the pre-violence indicators that are present in a situation, so that an officer can move to a state of alertness, where they are ready to respond to an attack, rather than having to react in order to deal with. Explaining the body language and movements of individuals who are either not going to comply and/or launch their own attack against an officer, will alert them to the presence of danger, so that they are able to stay ahead of the curve, and shut any assault down before it has even started. This is taught alongside our threat recognition and decision making framework.

Some of the courses we offer are listed below (all of these can also be offered as a “Train The Trainer” course/seminar).

Offensive/Defensive Baton

We provide training in the use of both ASP and Monadnock expandable batons. Our 4-hour introductory seminar, teaches use of these batons against both armed (knife, stick, bottles etc.) and unarmed assaults. This is an introductory seminar, which is often combined with training in the use of the PR-24, side-handled baton, to provide a 1-day training package in the use of these two less than lethal weapons.

We teach use of these weapons as an extension of our open-hand combatives program.

Offensive/Defensive Baton PR-24

We offer full training in the use of the Monadnock PR-24 Side Handled Baton. Used correctly the PR-24 can deliver a greater striking force than a standard baton of the same length, and is generally a more versatile weapon. Our 4-hour course teaches the student the different carry and striking patterns that can be used, along with basic locks and constraints that can be applied with the baton. Our program looks at the use of both the expandable and fixed length PR-24, against a variety of both armed and unarmed assaults. This training is only made available to corrections, law enforcement, military and public/private security agencies. This seminar is an introduction to use of the PR-24, and we are able to offer more comprehensive programs surrounding its use.

OC/CS Spray Training

This short seminar, introduces officers and agents to the different types of sprays that are available, including CS, CN and OC, with the relative merits of each being presented and discussed. Attendees will also be introduced to the different types of carriers, such as foggers/cones, streams along with foams and gels, and be shown which type of spray is best suited, for different types of incident and environments. This seminar is a mix of theory and practice, with attendees having the opportunity to practice with different inert sprays in a mix of scenarios.

Control & Restraint/Handcuffing

This short seminar looks at different ways, suspects can be safely controlled and positioned before handcuffing – including apparently compliant suspects, who may have second thoughts once the process begins. The seminar will go over how officers and agents, either working alone, with a partner or as part of a team can safely control a suspect and put them in a restricted or disadvantaged position before applying handcuffs, whether these are hinged, chained, or zip ties etc.

All of the methods taught dovetail, with our techniques for dealing with an armed assailant, who is either threatening and/or attacking an officer/agent.

If you are interested in any of these seminars/courses or would like to discuss with us ways in which we can meet your specific training requirements please contact us by clicking here.

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